Our Team

We’re a motley crew of young dreamers, backpackers, and aspiring novelists from all over the world. What’s the one thing we have in common? We all believe we can change the world – and we’re committed to making that dream happen day-in, day-out.

That’s how we’re unique.

If you dig what we’re saying, we’re looking for fun-loving individuals to join our team. And we’re hiring all year round. Click here to apply.

Himanshu Jakhar


Meet Himanshu, One Percent Matters’ resident Google machine. Before founding OPM Labs in 2009, Himanshu served as Vice President of AIESEC Jaipur, bringing a whopping 400% growth in the exchange sector during his term and receiving an India-wide award to commemorate his achievement. Himanshu moved on to shatter the all-time record as National Vice President of External Relations for AIESEC Sweden by raising the highest amount of funding from corporate sponsors. Since then, he has shifted his focus to online marketing, getting his hands dirty in every aspect of the business – from website design to copywriting. OPM Labs is practically his baby and he has audacious hopes for the future, including building a kick-ass team from around the world and touching 5 million lives in the next five years.

Himanshu’s preferred pastimes include inventing new smoothie flavors, getting his sweat on, and satisfying his inner nerd via his own personal stamp collection. Oh and a word of caution from the wise: don’t make Himanshu laugh. You’ll lose your hearing.

Melissa Greczy


Spunky Melissa has always marched to the beat of her own drum. Sometime back she took a college course called, “Accounting for Real Estate for Millionaires” and had one of those aha moments. She realized she never wanted to be an employee again and she hasn’t looked back since.Melissa was recently named one of “50 Women Entrepreneurs Who Inspire Us” by Self Made magazine, a title that reflects her mission of making a positive change in the world. She may have built several million-dollar businesses on her own, but her first priority is her passion: learning and spreading knowledge on parenting and early childhood education – which can be found at GiftEDIAm.com.

When Melissa isn’t globetrotting with adorable daughters Maddy and Sydney in tow, you can find her enjoying the countryside on her farm in Florida – complete with chirping chickens, gobbling turkeys, and a feisty dairy cow named Joy.

Steve Baker

Project Manager

Steve was lucky enough to attain the nickname ‘Sleeve’ before we even met him in person. This Canadian grew up on a small island off the coast of beautiful British Columbia and enjoys snowboarding, watchin’ hockey, taking photos of out of province and U.S. license plates, and going to see zombie movies. In fact, Steve’s a complete movie junkie; not only does he have the ticket for every movie he’s ever been to, but he’s seen Anchorman 12 times (and counting) and somehow managed to watch Monsters Inc. 3 times back-to-back… impressive!

From trekking through the Himalayas to saving 300+ baby turtle eggs in Costa Rica, this nature lover has the travel bug. He’s also been to Singapore, Panama, Greece, and Italy; still having Southeast Asia and the South Pacific on his to-do list. With attaining a Bachelor of Commerce also in his array of accomplishments, Steve’s goal in life is to live light and be as self-sufficient as possible… which will be helpful in the event of a zombie apocalypse.

Pippa Woodhead


Pippa grew up in a quaint little village in the English countryside, but spent the past 5 years prior to joining the OPM team becoming a hardened Londoner. Her teenage years were tainted by a hapless crush on Lord Byron, perhaps aggravated by attending an all-girls school and not meeting a real, live boy until university.

She is an obsessive bibliophile (and you would have to be, to know a word like bibliophile), collecting books far faster than a human being could possibly read them. Ask her who would be guests at her dream dinner party, and she’d have the answer for you – Dorothy Parker (American poet), Lord Byron (English poet) and Dory (Cartoon fish). We assume Dory is not on the menu.

Daniela de la Casa

Project Manager

Daniela, or ‘Dani’ as she is known by her friends, hails from Buenos Aires, Argentina.

A self confessed chatterbox, she didn’t actually start speaking until she was 2. Her parents needn’t have worried though – it seems she was just saving up her words. Family legend has it that once she got started her mother was soon longing for some peace and quiet. This loquacious streak proved useful when choosing her degree subject – public relations. Now she can talk all day and get paid for it!

Dani loves big cities, however spent large chunks of her childhood knee-deep in nature and making amusement parks for the frogs (we’re sure they loved it.)

She is also something of a thespian, and enjoys lengthy sessions crying in front of the mirror. We will soon be asking for a demonstration of this skill.


Trouble Maker

The cutest (and possibly craziest) member of the team? Say hello to Dude, and try not to fall in love. And gentlemen, good luck getting his attention if there’s a female in the room- this precious puppy is your ultimate ladies’ man. Chewing anything from Blackberrys, to carpets, to paper bags, it’s impossible to stay mad at this trouble maker; one look at his innocent face and you’re doomed.