Ditch the daily grind.

Impromptu push-up competitions. Movie nights. Home-cooked meals. Arts and crafts. At OPM Labs, having fun is always part of the job description.
We’re a young company, made up of a generation of out-of-the-box thinkers who refuse to believe that work has to be a drag. We’re not prepared to just show up at 9 am, punch the clock, and put in time until 5 pm rolls around. Life’s too short for that. If you don’t love what you do, what’s the point?

Our company culture is totally unreal. You’ll be given the freedom to experiment and the license to work on projects that make you happy, not to mention the time to pursue your own personal interests and goals. Imagine, feeling excited to go to work.

We’re game if you are.

Get paid to make change.

We’re out to prove that computer programmers can make a difference and copywriters can trigger a positive chain reaction. Our team members are invested in goals that matter, like sparking a happiness revolution. We may cater to a digital generation, but we’ve got one thing on our mind: making the world a better place. If you can help us, get on board.Learn More

Be yourself.

We’re looking for people who march to their own crazy beats. We don’t have job roles, because the freebirds we hire don’t fit into predetermined molds. You might be a YouTube video artist, physicist, professional juggler, entrepreneur, NGO worker, or a self-professed computer nerd – we hire smart people from every background. We don’t care about your education or your professional training, but we do care about your life story, your attitude, and what you want to accomplish. Learn More

Get ready for your next great adventure.

Join us and you’ll be working in the economic epicenter of the world. Our headquarters are in India, where growth is the only thing on the horizon. But aside from being a rapidly-developing powerhouse, India has been captivating travelers for ages. From holy cows, to rambunctious Indian weddings, to flavor-filled curries, charming palaces, and serene temples, India is a paradise for wanderers.

We’re located in Jaipur, a budding metropolis with a friendly vibe. Jaipur is already an international destination, where travel couldn’t be more convenient thanks to its central location. You can easily spend a weekend discovering the Taj Mahal or checking out the club scene in Delhi. Jump on a plane for an hour or two and you’ll be exploring other exotic destinations like Mumbai, Kathmandu, or Dubai.

We partner with

OPM Labs is a proud partner of AIESEC, the world’s largest student-run organization. AIESEC gives us access to talent from universities in over 110 countries around the world, and helps our interns connect with a network of global trainees living and working in the same city. AIESEC interns have all of the resources and support they need to succeed and thrive as global citizens.

Want to apply? Here’s how.

Your application should include the following:

  • Your resume / CV.
  • A short video cover letter. We want you to sell yourself in a way that’s creative and fun. Keep us entertained while you highlight your unique qualities, experience, and skills. Tell us why you’re the bestperson for the position.

Send everything to dreams@opmlabs.com.

Get hired.

We’re always looking for young, brilliant team members to come join us. We want ‘doers’ – people who can come up with creative business solutions, run first-class websites, deliver fresh content to our web audiences, and help stir up a response using social media and more. We’re hiring for the following positions:

  • Blogger & Creative Content Writer
  • Sales Copywriting Superhero
  • Internet Marketing Enthusiast
  • Programming & Coding Ninja
  • Creative / Design Inventor
  • Retail Marketing Genius
  • Social Media Buff
  • SEO Specialist
  • Customer Delight Expert