About Us

We’re the extra push that a sprinter needs to cross the finish line first.
We’re the tiny spark that creates a wildfire.
We’re one simple idea that creates global change.

We’re the one percent that matters.

Do you ever wonder how a YouTube video goes viral overnight, or how a movement spreads from city to city until the whole planet is involved? Change often happens like an epidemic – quickly and without warning.Today, ideas, behaviors, and products can spread across the globe faster than you can update your Facebook status. But how does something go from being relatively unknown to penetrating the global psyche? Before anything can take hold, you need a critical mass – the amount necessary to achieve a significant effect.

It takes only a miniscule shift to bring about a critical mass.

That little extra push, that tiny spark, that extra one percent needed to bring things to the tipping point – we want to be that difference. And we’re not afraid to turn a few heads while doing it.

Delivering happiness in the age of information.

Information is all around us. You may never lose the thrill of opening a book and leafing through the pages, but all you have to do is snap your fingers and Google, Facebook, and YouTube are lining up to shower you with news, status updates, and the latest videos. We get it. That’s why we’ve got creative solutions up our sleeves to help you find bliss in a world that’s superconnected. We’re talking about user-friendly software, welcoming websites, engaging audio and video training, inventive mobile apps, and interactive community membership sites. It’s wisdom for trendy techies and digital divas.

It all starts with a good idea.

We know a good idea when we see one.

That’s why we work with some of the most forward-thinking people of our time – from parenting gurus, to environmental movers and shakers, to well-seasoned entrepreneurs. So what do these visionaries all have in common? They believe in the power of the knowledge they have to share and like us, they know that the time to share it is now.

Armed with the information of these innovators and our own know-how and passion for getting things done, we develop and publish products that help people live their greatest lives. From fancy-pants mobile apps to DIY farming technology, we’re on a mission to change the world by inspiring brilliance.
We’re doing something different. But we’re a little bit different ourselves…

7 reasons why we’re shaking up the internet marketing world:

1. We’re in it to win you over with unparalleled customer support.

Do you remember the last time you were pampered? At OPM Labs, we’ll make you feel special just for taking an interest in our products. Sure, we sell our products in the online market, but we act as if we’re recommending them to our own friends. We want you to give you the most enjoyable customer experience you’ve ever had, whether you’re landing on one of our websites for the very first time or its ten years down the line. We’re committed to serving your needs – and here’s how we do it:

  • The ‘human’ factor. We’re redefining the way business is done in the online world. How? Well, we don’t believe in autoresponder emails. We’ll reply to your comments, questions, concerns, and praise personally, within 24 hours. When you deal with us, you’ve got real people taking care of you every step of the way.
  •  Our risk-free guarantee. Each and every single product we sell is guaranteed for 60 days. If you don’t like the color of the packaging, if the audio voiceover doesn’t resonate with you, or if you’re not satisfied for any reason, send it back to us and we will promptly refund your money – no questions asked.
  •  We’re in it for the long haul. Call us romantic, call us old-fashioned, call us what you will, but we’re here for you. Seriously. If you buy something from us today and it stops working in the year 2027, well, we’ll still be here. Tell us and we’ll make it better. But let’s be honest, by that time we’ll probably be sending you information telepathically.

2. Our products speak for themselves.

When was the last time you bought something that literally made you jump up and down with excitement? We’re on a mission to recreate that feeling for you and we don’t like to brag but, we know how to deliver. It’s our attention to the little details that add up to make every single one of our products the whole package.Check it –

  • Priceless information that you won’t find anywhere else. This stuff’s not on Google, people. We’re talking about CIA-style intelligence that’s actually going to change your life – by making you a better parent, a more environmentally-friendly farmer, or helping you to build your own successful business.
  •  A results-oriented approach. We’ve got our eyes on the prize, and you will too when you see what we’ve got to share. Our products were developed to bring you real results, and we believe in them so much that we can promise you you’re going to be blown away. Happy dances guaranteed!
  •  Our products are modern masterpieces. Whether it’s a website, a mobile app, or a home study course, we take pride in creating visually-stunning interfaces that will stimulate your sense of curiosity and help to solidify your understanding of the material.
  •  Affordability? We’re with you on that one. We may collaborate with authors who are veritable experts in their fields, but we’ve made our products affordable in order to reach as many lives as possible. It’s invaluable information, made available to anyone.
  •  It’s user-friendliness to the max. Have you ever picked up a book, only to read the same paragraph over and over again? We’ve made sure that the information we’re giving you is presented in a format that goes down easy. With us, you’re free to learn on your own terms.

3. We’re the real deal.

We’re a team of everyday people, not marketing robots. We’d like you to think of us as that friendly neighbor from down the street, your old buddy from college, or the goalie on your soccer team. We do everything that real people do: we take risks, we make mistakes, we laugh, we push the limits, and we learn from experience. Above all, we take an honest, straightforward approach to doing business. No matter who we’re dealing with, total transparency is just the way we roll. We don’t have anything to offer you that we wouldn’t buy ourselves –that’s why we can say that we’re behind each and every one of our products one hundred and one percent.

4. We care about the big picture.

It’s the age of change, and we’re proud to say that we take a proactive approach to innovation. An aquaponics system that saves water and creates more profit for farmers? We’re on it. A parenting course that helps people raise conscientious kids? We’re with you on that one. An app to help make teaching kids to read a blast? Done and done. Each and every thing we do feeds into some larger scheme for the betterment of the world.

We like to think of it as a ripple effect. We start by collaborating with people who are shaking up the status quo, challenging outdated ways of thinking, and striving to make the world a better place. The products that they inspire are nothing short of brilliant – and they have the power to help millions of people live their absolute best lives. When people are happier, healthier, and more successful, they’re more likely to inspire others to change as well. After all, we’re in this thing together.

5. Creativity + passion = an exceptional result, every time.

We’ve done away with by-the-book conventionality in favor of a little thing called creativity. With a workforce of poets, engineers, athletes, computer nerds, and musicians, you can bet money on our non-traditional approach to solving problems and doing business. Take our office culture, for example. An über-chill work environment – beanbag chairs, cooking seshs, and flexi-hours included – makes how we operate anything but corporate. Our company environment doesn’t just promote job freedom, personal growth, and friendship – we live these things out every day. We’re walking the walk when it comes to proving that work can be fun.

Um, did we mention that we’re also really, really, really excited about what we do? It’s our passion that drives us to bring cool ideas to fruition. From the first inspiration to the millionth life touched by an enlightening thought, we know that enthusiasm not only keeps us connected to our goals but also helps us to achieve tangible results.

6. We’re ready to go the extra mile.

When it comes to getting results (and we’re talking mind-changing, lifealtering,totally blow-you-out-of-the water results), we know that nothing happens by accident. Brilliance without a little hard work is nothing more than potential. Experience has taught us that we don’t have to reinvent the wheel with each and every new project we take on, but nonetheless we know that sometimes you have to get your hands dirty to get the job done.Time and again, we’ve demonstrated our own willingness to put in the time for the people that matter to us: our team, our partners, and our customers.

7. Teamwork makes the dream work.

Teamwork is the sole foundation of our success. As an eclectic group of individuals with our own unique talents, being able to work independently isn’t an issue. It’s when we work together that something magical happens. You see, we believe that when combined, our life experiences and individual talents are enough to take us anywhere we want to go. We’re not afraid to really lean on each other, because that’s what friends are for.

Think you’ve got the can-do attitude, quirkiness, and mad skills to join our team?Learn More